Messina Brothers

Messina brothers, it's an idea. Raised and born in a family of musicians; a DJ and a jazz musician, two different countries, they combine their musical experiences for a project full of contamination

Music Production

Music Production

Techno Jazz

Techno music meets Jazz; this is the mix proposed by this musical project, different contaminations fused through the use of old analog synthesizers and modern digital machines and software

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M. Brothers

We are working on our first project together. Keep following us on this page so you don't miss our upcoming record releases.

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New Album

We are working on our first record release, soon you will be able to listen to and buy our music on major streaming platforms

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Ready to


Our music is produced in two different production studios. Studio 1 (in Switzerland) is in charge of music writing and live performance, Studio 2 (in Italy) is in charge of creating the rhythmic sequences and processing and remixing all tracks.

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Analog &


To create our music we decided to use sequences recorded in real time through both digital and analog instruments, we believe this can add quality and strength to our sound

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