Antonello Messina is an Italian and Swiss musician and painter. After some years of having tango in his repertoire as an accordion and bandoneon performer, he was fascinated by the magic of the dance, which he started studying intensively. He completed his first cycle of tango study and practice in Fribourg (Switzerland), by attending Sonja Zwimpfer and David Arnold’s classes for three years. Antonello has also been studying and practicing by participating in seminars and workshop with some of the most renowned tango dancers and teachers in the world, among which Pablo Verón (“The best dancer in the world” – Libération), the great historical Buenos Aires masters Carlos and Rosa Perez, as well as Jose Fernandez and Martina Waldman, Daniela Tabai, Dalmazio Carrara, Mariana Montes, Pablo Garcia, Neri Piliu, Yanina Quinones, Simone Facchini, Gioia Abballe, Matteo Antonietti, Ravena Abdyli, Giampiero Galdi and Maria Filali. In Rome Antonello studied with master Emiliano Naticchioni on kinesthetic applied to tango. In Turin with Santiango De Leon, Maria Eugenia Deanna, Letizia Messina and Giacomo Bombonato.


Private lessons:


Technique and figures:

Leader-Follower roles
Movement and pauses
Different rhythms in tango:
Even time signatures 2/2 - 4/4 - 6/8
Odd time signatures 3/8 -3/4
Walking: in rhythm, alone and in pairs
Point and line
Posture and axis
Weight shifting
Walk in all directions
Change direction
Ochos / Moulinette/ Colgada/ Volcadas/ Boleo / Sacada..and more


My offer is aimed at dancers who wish to learn the basics of Argentine tango or improve their technical knowledge in a personal and individualizing context. Private lessons are focused on the role of follower (1 person) or leader and follower (for couples). This allowd you to obtain better results in a short time. A clear approach to rhythm, posture, technique and connection with your partner as well as musicality and personal creativity in each sequence.
The lessons take place in my art studio, in the Basse-Ville of Fribourg.
For information and fees please contact me directly.