Antonello Messina - Umberto Fiorentino - Michael Rosen - Luca Pirozzi - John B Arnold


Antonello Messina (accordion)
Umberto Forentino (guitar)
Michael Rosen (saxophone)
Luca Pirozzi (el & d. bass)
John B Arnold (drums)
by AM/Music (2013 Switzerland)

"A new album is always a great adventure involving a fair bit of hard work. This is probably the reason why this album is named Polyfemo: there is something cyclopean and at the same time microscopic in the way our lives unfold. To better see and understand life, we sometimes have to close one eye, use a bigger lens, lay bare our thoughts."

 01. Black Dog

 02. Les Contradictions

 03. Dolcevita

 04. Polyfemo

 05. The Forest Called

 06. Ping Song

 07. Souvenir

 08. Question And Answer

 09. Cornelius

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