Antonello Messina - Luca Lo Bianco - Silvano Borzacchiello

Hypothesis / Piano Süd Trio

Antonello Messina (piano)
Luca Lo Bianco (bass)
Silvano Borzacchiello (drums)

by Unit Records (2016 Switzerland)

Piano Süd Trio is a shared project bringing together the musical and human experience of three musicians, all living far away from their native country, yet all bound together by the thread of shared memory. Memory built upon gestures, glances, complicity, unspoken words, ancient rituals. A heritage shared, in a thousand different ways, by all peoples from the South, that South which is a feeling of belonging much more than it is a geographical place. This is the music of Piano Süd Trio. And it is much more. A repertoire bringing together dance, lyricism, irony, contrasts in timbre and dynamics, a taste for melody and unpredictability. A confluence of languages overlapping with memories. A vision capable of turning space into intent.

 01. Gotcha

 02. Per non piu di 3 giorni

 03. Damn Blues

 04. Trick or_treat

 05. La mia parte nopea

 06. Hypothesis

 07. Dancing in a dream

 08. Siciliana

 09. Blue in green



Music A. Messina / Video: L. Lo Bianco

La mia parte nopea

Music S. Borzacchiello / Video: L. Lo Bianco

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